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About New Heights Consulting

New Heights Consulting, LLC was established in July of 2000 to assist leaders in driving their organizations to new heights of performance. New Heights Consulting (NHC) provides highly impactful services through expert executive coaching along with a full range of organization development initiatives. Founded by Dr. Ron Festa, our organization offers a wealth of experience and expertise in development activities for leaders across all types of organizations.

NHC is a founding principal of the Management Development Alliance. Through this association, NHC has access to a range of executive coaching and organization development specialists to work on significant projects as needed.

Get Down To The Specifics

Whether a team or individual program, all NHC assignments are tailored to meet the unique needs of the client organization. We provide feedback, development planning and advisement for how to best apply the insights (across areas such as skill/competency development, team development and coaching, managing through organizational challenges, career development, etc.) and follow-up assessment of progress.

With NHC executive and team programs, even the busiest professionals are able to achieve breakthrough performance with coaching across a wide range areas designed to:

  • Enhance senior executive growth
  • Successfully manage transition and change
  • Promote high potential development
  • Manage cultural diversities

Promote Confidence and an Open Environment for Growth

Regardless of the executive need, confidentiality is at the heart of the NHC practice. The challenges and issues that directly impact work performance can be quite complex at times. As a result, an NHC client needs to be able to say "I am struggling with the following..." without fear that such information might show up in a year-end review or succession planning discussion. Our confidentiality process allows each client to be totally open about his/her key challenges so we can work together to further enhance his/her impact as a leader.

In addition, NHC's action learning approach and real-time coaching help you directly address relevant business opportunities and challenges; resulting in immediate learning and growth.

To make your work performance more impactful, contact us today.